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Taijiquan is one of the oldest Chinese martial arts. At the same time it’s very popular throughout the world. Some people omitted the martial aspects and started teaching and training the health aspects only. This is why many people nowadays do not know real Taijiquan.

These are the five components of Taijiquan:

  1. Hand Forms 
  2. Weapons Forms 
  3. Self-defence 
  4. Push hands 
  5. Nei Kung 

We can say the hand forms are without doubt the best known component of Taijiquan. They are a series of interconnected, flowing techniques, performed slowly. Practising forms massages and stimulates organs, circulation, nervous system, muscles joints and tendons.

In various countries universities and hospitals are investigating the effects daily practice of Taijiquan can have on our health. Many studies support the early assumptions that Taijiquan can help people suffering from arthiritis, multiple sclerosis and circulatory problems. It also improves balance and coordination. This shows, that even though Taijiquan was developed centuries ago it still is one of the best developed exercise methods we have today.

Practitioners who do not train the martial aspects of Taijiquan will never have the opportunity to develop their understanding of Taijiquan beyond the level of beginners. We can say this because Nei Kung teaches us to move our bodies as one. Pushing hand drills are methods of using the Thirteen Tactics. Self defence and applications explain the movements of the hand and weapon forms and, therefore, help us to improve the way we perform them.


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Wudang Tai Chi Chuan Seminar in Meran, South Tirol, Italy

Wudang Tai Chi Chuan Seminar in Meran
Due to recent developments and the subsequent restrictions regarding Coronavirus (COVID-19) we are left we no other options but to cancel this seminar.
We apologise for any inconvenience caused

Wudang Taijiquan Seminar 2018

Fri, 22 Jun:  10:00 - 14:00 Sat, 23 Jun:  10:00 - 14:00 Sun, 24 Jun: 10:00 - 14:00 


Ian Josef: I began my Tai Chi journey in 2002, after many years of participating in traditional hard styles. I have successfully competed in several competitions over the years.
I will be teaching free moving push hands, with drills.

Clifford Cox: After 14 years training in hard style martial arts I found Dan Docherty. In 1992 I attended an open air event and joined Dans' classes straight away. Over the past 23 years I have been both a competitor and referee at numerous Tai Chi events in the UK and Europe.
I will be teaching short forms regular and/or advanced.

Othmar Vigl: I have been training in taijiquan since 1999. I have successfully competed in several national and international competitions over the years and am a 6x European champion.
I will teach taijiquan self defense.

Fee includes workshops only: 150€ Members/für Mitglieder/per soci; 180€ für Non-Members/Nichtmitglieder/per …

Taiji Classes 2019

January - March:
10 lessons
08.01.2019 - 19.03.2019
07.30pm - 09.00pm
Members €120.00 - non-members €140.00

March - June:
10 lessons
26.03.2019 - 04.06.2019
07.30pm - 09.00pm
Members €120.00 - non-members €140.00

Instructor - Othmar
SCM Gym, Rennweg 117
39012 Meran, Italy
TEL: +39 3275655151