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Newsletter April 2015

Willkommen - Welcome - Benvenuti

Wudang Tai Chi Chuan Seminar - Jesolo, Italy

with Othmar Vigl, 2x European Champion

Location: Camping Parco Capraro, Via Correr II ramo, 4 - 30016 - Jesolo - Venezia (Italy)
Parco Capraro Jesolo

Yin Nei Kung
exercises 1 to 4
175 Euro
for experienced Shi San Shi International students only

Date: 01.-03.05.2015


Friday, 01.05.2015

Meeting point: 16.30h at the bar

17.00h - 19.00h
Push hand exercises and short hand form (square and round)

Saturday, 02.05.2015

07.00h - 10.00h
Body mechanics in applications

17.00h - 19.00h
Long hand form (square and round)

Sunday, 03.05.2015

07.00h - 10.00h
Body mechanics in push hands, advanced short form

Fee: 100 Euro, includes workshops only

Participants will have to book their own accommodation, pay their own travel expenses and for their own meals

Info: +39 3486289889   Email



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